competition rules

1. 1.The preliminary of Open Class will not be held in any competition area. Contestants please send the performance video (DVD) to The Organizing Committee by 1 June, 2019.The results will be announced at officia
2. Competition is open to person of all ages and nationalities except for classes No.1,31-36 & 58-65. For details, please refer to "Classes and Repertoires".
3.Contestants may enter more than one class.
4.Contestants from Mainland China must participate in the preliminary
contests of their region.
5.Contestants from overseas are required to submit a recommendat letter from his/her piano teacher for the preliminary shortlis
6.Finalists will be announced after the preliminary contest and a written confirmation will be issued within 20 days after the preliminary contest Oversea finalists will be notified in writing before of July 20
7.Contestants are required to arrive at t prior to the competition star
8.In all classes where an age limit is bring along their I.D.card / travelin registration counter. The age qualifi Concerto Classes is exempted.
9.Uniform or school uniform is not allowed at the competition.
10.10.Competition Organizing Committee reserves the right to reschedule th competition if necessary. In the case of class suspension being instructed by the Education and Manpower Bureau or adverse weath condit
11.Decision made by jury members is final and should not be disput
12.Jury Members reserve the right of terminating one’s performance.
13.Performances exceeding the specified time may be terminated.
14.Jury Members should not adjudicate in classes in which their students have participated.
15.Audio and video recordings are not allowed. The copyright of all audio and video recordings belongs to the Organizing Committee.
16.All attendees of the competition should take care of their personal belongings. The organizing committee will not be responsible for any loss.
17.Entry fees are not refundable or transferable.
18.Prizes for each class will only be awarded if contestants reach the standards set by the Organizing Committee.
19.Contestants should not give any inaccurate or misleading information. Otherwise, the application will be disqualified. All personal information given by contestants will only be used for the competitio
20.The organizing committee has the right to disqualify any contestant who violates any of the rules and regulations stated above.
21.Rules and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
22.The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final explanation of this competition and relevant activitie