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蘇明村 So Ming Chuen Allison          香港著名鋼琴家 Hong Kong Pianist

       蘇氏經常在報章雜誌作專欄寫作¸ 及作音樂比賽評判。蘇氏亦曾為朗文香港教育於2004年出版的《歌樂流芳--黄自音樂賞析與教學專集》的作者之一,及雨果公司於2011年出版的《黃自歌曲精選》CD的鋼琴伴奏。
Born in Hong Kong, Allison graduated from the Royal College of Music in London, major in piano and organ. He obtained the Bachelor of Music from University of London, Master of Music and Diploma in Advanced Music Studies from University of Reading, and Doctor of Education from University of Leicester.
In the music field, Allison performs as soloist, accompanist and choral conductor in Hong Kong and abroad.
At present, he is Assistant Professor of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts of The Hong Kong Institute of Education. He is also a columnist in newspapers and magazines, and serves as adjudicator in various major competitions. He is also one of the authors of the book ‘Huang Zi’s Choral Literature Collection’ published by Longman in 2004; and pianist in a CD on selected songs by Huang Zi, produced by Hugo in 2011.