Rules & Regulations

1.The preliminary of Open Class will not be held in any competition area. Contestants please send the performance video (DVD or USB) to The Organizing Committee by 1st June, 2021. The results will be announced at official website on 15th June 2021.

2.Competition is open to person of all ages and nationalities except for classes No.1,31-36 & 58-65. For details, please refer to “Classes and Repertoires”.

3.Contestants may enter more than one class.

4.Contestants are required to arrive at the competition venue 20 minutes prior to the competition starts.

5.For all classes with specified age limit, contestants are required to bring along their I.D/passport for age verification at registration desk.

6.All contestants must compete in the preliminary round to get qualified to the Final Round.

7.Contestants are required to perform by memorizing the music score.

8.Contestants should dress formally, uniform is not allowed at the competition.

9.The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reschedule the competition if necessary. In the case of class suspension being instructed by the Education and Manpower Bureau or adverse weather conditions, all competition and related activities will be cancelled until further notice.

10.Competition results made by jury members is final and shall not be disputed.

11.Contestant must complete their performance within the set time.

12.Contestants who have any relatives or teacher-student relationship with any member of Judge Committee must be listed in the application form. Otherwise, their eligibility will be disqualified.

13.If contestant is a relative or student of any judge, the judge shall not judge that contestant.

14.Entry fees are not refundable or transferable.

15.Contestants should not submit any inaccurate or misleading information. Otherwise, the application will be disqualified. All personal information given by contestants will only be used for the competition.

16.The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify any contestant who violates any of the rules and regulations stated above.

17.The Organizing Committee has the right to use all contestants’ videos and photos.

18.Audio and video recordings are not allowed. The competition committee has all the copyrights of the competition images.

19.All attendees of the competition are reminded to take care of their personal belongings. The organizing committee will not be responsible for any lost.

20.Masterclasses, lectures, concerts, and other series of events are free to each contestant. Additional audience must purchase a ticket.

21.An administrative fee (CNY100 for preliminary round and CNY300 for Final Round) will be charged for each amendment if made after the application form is submitted.

22.Competition information are subject to modified by Hongkong International Musician Association.

23.The registration deadline for the preliminary rounds will be determined by local organizing committee.Registration deadline for Finals is July 20th 2021. Late application might not be processed or might need to pay an administrative surcharge of CNY100 for preliminary round and CNY300 for Final Round in addition to the application fee.

24.Hongkong International Musician Association reserves the right of final explanation of the Competition and relevant activities.




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