Prizes of Preliminary Round

100 is the full mark for each class, average mark which is 85 points and up as First Class Award;

80-84.99 points Second Class Award,75-79.99 points Third Class Award,70-74.99 points Merit Award and below

69.99 as Participation Certificate.

Contestants achieving Third Class Award and up are qualified to the Final. Tutors of the First Class Award

winners will receive an “Excellent Piano Tutor”certificate.



Prizes of the Final

Ⅰ.100 is the full mark for each class, average mark which is 90 or above will be certified as First Class Award; 85-89.99 will be certified as Second Class Award, 80-84.99 will be certified as Third Class Award, 70-79.99 will be certified as Merit Award and below 69.99 will receive Participation Certificate.

Ⅱ.Awarding Evaluation

ⅰ、Each group has the following awards: First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize, Fourth Prize and Fifth Prize, together with First Class Award, Second Class Award, Third Class Award,Merit Award and Participation Certificate.

ⅱ、If the top five contestants can not reach the standard line agreed by the Organizing Committee and Jury Members, prizes will not be awarded. The marking system is as below:First, Second and Third prizes must be 90 points or above;Fourth and Fifth prizes must be 85 points or above.


The participants will receive the following certificates:

First Class Award 90 points or above

Second Class Award 85-89.99 points

Third Class Award 80-84.99 points

Merit Award 70-79.99 points

Participation Certificate 69.99 points below


“International Excellent Piano Tutor”Certificate:

Tutor of the First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive an“International Excellent Piano Tutor”certificate awarded by I.M.A-hk.


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