Renaat Beheydt 钢琴大师课,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

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Renaat Beheydt 钢琴大师课,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

2019“肖邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛,总决赛,由香港国际音乐家协会主办,于2019年8月22日在香港举行钢琴大师公开课,授课专家来自比利时的著名钢琴家 Renaat Beheydt。

Renaat Beheydt 大师课现场


博复生是比利时王国造诣较深的钢琴家,1985年于安特卫普音乐学院毕业后进入鲁文蕾蒙斯音乐学院专攻钢琴家专业一年,获得该院最高学位。随后,考取著名的伊丽莎白音乐学府,在著名匈牙利钢琴家肯德(LeventeKende) 的指导下,研修钢琴演奏专业三年,1989年获得该学府最高学位后毕业。次年,受聘于鲁文蕾蒙斯音乐学院,任教至今,现为该院钢琴演奏专业教授。自1995至2004年,同时受聘于伊丽莎白音乐学府,为其常任钢琴伴奏师。

博复生教授钢琴演奏活动足迹遍及比利时和欧洲各国。在德国和奥地利获得世界闻名的钢琴大师克黑尔(Rudolf Kehrer)和巴士克若夫 (Dimitri Bashkirov) 的佳许和指导 ; 在俄罗斯参加过作曲家亚历山大·斯克利亚宾钢琴曲研究会,并应请于莫斯科斯克利亚宾纪念馆举办了斯克利亚宾钢琴曲演奏会 ; 在南斯拉夫参加过贝尔格勒国际钢琴大赛并获奖。此外,在法国、德国、荷兰、瑞典、瑞士、丹麦、芬兰、奥地利以及拉丁美洲的墨西哥、亚洲的中国等国均举办过演奏会。博复生曲目广泛。除了独奏或与乐团合作演奏钢琴协奏曲以外,他还经常为其他音乐家如伊丽莎白女王比赛获奖的小提琴家伊凡诺夫(Yossif Ivanov)、卡托 (Lorenzo Gatto)、中国女高音陈其莲 、白俄大提琴家科马 (Natalia Khoma)、英国长笛大师怀(Trevor Wye) 等伴奏 。最近和著名钢琴家朱楣合作演奏双钢琴。



Renaat Beheydt received a rich musical education in Belgium. After graduating from the Antwerp Conservatory, he entered the Luca School of Arts Music Conservatory and obtained a specialisation-degree as performing pianist. Later on, he entered the famous Queen Elisabeth Chappell, where he studied with Professor LeventeKende for three years, graduating in 1989 with the highest degree.

That same year, he was invited to become a professor at the LucaSchool of Arts Music Conservatory, where he still teaches piano performance.  From 1995 till 2004, he was official accompanist at the Queen Elisabeth Chappell.

In Germany and Austria, he received coaching by world famous masters such as Rudolf Kehrer and Dmitri Bashkirov; in Russia, he participated in a seminar on composer A. Scriabin and was invited to perform at Scriabin’s birth house in Moscow; he won a prize at the International Piano Competition of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

His career as a performing pianist has brought Renaat Beheydt from Belgium to most European countries and to America and Asia.  He played as a soloist, with orchestras or in chamber music, in the Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and also in Mexico and China. He collaborated with famous artists such as flute player Trevor Wye, violinist Yossif Ivanov, soprano Chen Qilian and cellist Natalia Khoma.  In Belgium, he collaborated in recording projects with the state Radio and Television. Morerecently, he regularly performs in piano duo with Chinese pianist Zhu Mei.

Renaat Beheydt lives and teaches in China since 2009 and was appointed associate professor at the Xinghai Conservatory in Guangzhou in 2012. His students have won national and international prizes and entered prestigious conservatories such as Cologne, Salzburg, London (Royal College) and Los Angeles.




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