Zhu Yafen 朱雅芬钢琴大师课,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

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Zhu Yafen 朱雅芬钢琴大师课,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

2019“肖邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛,总决赛,由香港国际音乐家协会主办,于2019年8月22日在香港举行钢琴大师公开课,授课专家来自中国的著名钢琴家 Zhu Yafen 朱雅芬 。

Zhu Yafen 朱雅芬大师课现场


沈阳音乐学院教授。钢琴演奏家、教育家。1954年毕业于上海音乐学院钢琴系,1953年至1956年参加由中国文化部组织的艺术团赴欧洲十余国家访问演出,1956年于辽宁省歌舞团(即现辽宁歌剧院)任钢琴独奏演员,1978年于沈阳音乐学院钢琴系任教,1981年至1986年任该院钢琴系主任。朱雅芬教授于1991年、1992年及1998年应邀到美国七所著名音乐学院讲学及演奏,并介绍中国钢琴音乐及中国钢琴教育,获得巨大成功。 2001-2014年任教于中国人民大学徐悲鸿艺术学院。




Professor of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. Pianist and piano educator. In 1954, she graduated from the Piano Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. From 1953 to 1956, she joined in the Art Group organized by China’s Ministry of Culture, visiting and performing in more than ten countries in Europe. In 1956, she was an piano soloist of Liaoning Song and Dance Troupe (now Lianning Opera House).In 1978, she taught in the Piano Department of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. From 1981 to 1986, she served as the head of the Piano Department of this conservatory. In 1991, 1992 and 1998, she was invited to explain and play in seven American famous conservatories. Besides, she introduced Chinese piano music and Chinese piano education. It gains a great success. From 2001 to 2004, she had been taught in the School of Arts, Renmin University of China.

Professor Zhu Yafen has trained a lot of excellent professional students. She’s the first teacher of the international famous pianist Langlang. Besides, she was the one who had taught Langlang for the longest time among Langlang’s piano teachers. Langlang was called as “The Most Talented and the Most Shining Star of Contemporary ” by a few American authoritative media. He was the first Chinese pianist to be employed by top-class orchestra Berliner Phiharmoniker and five major American symphony orchestras. He was claimed as one of “20 Young People Who Will Change The World” by the magazine People.

In addition, Professor Zhu Yafen recorded teaching videotape of Children’s Piano Lecture. She translated and published the book Guidance of Piano Pedal Method. She served as a judge in many national and international piano competitions. She holds a lot of master classes and teacher training workshops around the country. These activities were greatly welcomed.

In 1989, her teaching videotape of Children’s Piano Lecture was published. In 1992, she translated Guidance of Piano Acting Method, which was written by Joseph, America. The book was published by Shanghai Music Publishing House.


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