Paolo Vairo,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

Nancy Loo,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动
Ralf Heiber,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

Paolo Vairo,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

2019“肖邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛,总决赛,由香港国际音乐家协会主办,于2019年8月22日在香港举行钢琴大师公开课,授课专家来自意大利的著名钢琴家 Paolo Vairo。

Paolo Vairo 大师课现场


钢琴家保罗 法伊洛 出生于意大利北部的科莫湖。他超凡亮丽且纤细的音乐性,使他在意大利及其他地区获得听众及乐评的广大认同。法伊洛的演出曲目范围很广,且他对于作曲家创作历程的深入研究,使他除了精湛的演奏技巧外,更有着充满诗性的乐曲诠释。

法伊洛于2001年秋天获得全额奖学金前往美国费城坦普大学,在Hervey Wedeen教授指导下得到钢琴演奏硕士学位。


藉着于亚洲拥有大量的演出及教学机会,法伊洛得到很大的鼓舞。于2015年创办了“保罗法伊洛欧洲钢琴音乐学院”。 该学院的使命是根据欧洲传统以及法伊洛学习钢琴过程中所吸收的方法,提供最高水平的钢琴教学。他亦是意大利科莫卡洛塔别墅系列音乐会 25周年庆祝活动的艺术和节目企划副总监。

Pianist Paolo Vairo was born in Como, Italy. He has acquired great recognition from audiences and music critics both in Italy and abroad as a musician of uncommon brilliance and sensitivity. His piano repertoire contains a wide range of styles from Baroque to Contemporary in which he shows a high level of understanding the interpretation of the authors’ wit, together with outstanding virtuosity and praiseworthy lyricism.

He holds a Terminal Degree in Piano Performance from Conservatorio “G. Verdi” in Milan, Italy. In the fall of 2001 he moved to the United States where he obtained a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance at Temple University in Philadelphia, under the guidance of Professor Harvey Wedeen.

Since 2012, Mr. Vairo had the opportunity to expand his concert career in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Consequently, he has performed solo recitals in celebrated places such as the Taipei National Concert Hall,  Kaohsiung Concert Hall, Hualien, Tainan and Taichung. He also presented a successful series of solo recitals, lecture-recitals, master classes and piano workshops at numerous important institutions like the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong Professional Piano Educational Academy and the University of the Arts in Taipei. Re-engagements have followed as a result of a successful collaboration with every organizer, concert venue and academic institution. His presence as a jury member at several International Piano Competitions in Asia in 2013, 2014, and 2015, led to more invitations for several successful performances in many cities in mainland China including Lanzhou, Haikou, Dongguan, Guanzhou, Shenzhen, Yangjiang, Huizhou and Beijing.

Mr. Vairo, encouraged by the large amount of performances and teaching opportunities in the East, founded the “Paolo Vairo European Piano Academy” (PVEPA). The mission of the center is to offer the highest level of piano instruction, following the european tradition and the methodologies absorbed during his formative years. He is also the Artistic and Programming Co-Director of the Villa Carlotta Concert Series in Lake Como, Italy, celebrating in 2016 the the 25th year of brilliant activity.

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