Alexander Vershinin 钢琴大师课,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

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Alexander Vershinin 钢琴大师课,2019“萧邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛总决赛系列活动

2019“肖邦纪念奖”香港国际钢琴公开赛,总决赛,由香港国际音乐家协会主办,于2019年8月22日在香港举行钢琴大师公开课,授课专家来自俄罗斯的著名钢琴家 Alexander Vershinin 。

Alexander Vershinin 大师课现场


亚历山大·维尔申宁,俄罗斯钢琴家。生于1965年,在乌克兰哈里科夫举行的第一届“为纪念弗拉基米尔 霍洛维茨”国际钢琴赛获得第一名,以及“俄罗斯音乐的最佳演奏奖”,在美国盐湖城举行的第十一届Gina Bachauer国际钢琴赛获得证书。目前是莫斯科国立柴科夫斯基音乐学院教授和日本冈山大学教授。是雅马哈远端教育项目参与者。在他所教的学生中,有11人在俄罗斯,保加利亚,意大利和荷兰举行的钢琴赛中获奖。



在他的演出曲目中,斯克里亚宾的作品占有特别重要的位置。他能演奏斯克里亚宾晚期时候创作的所有作品:最后的五首奏鸣曲和钢琴协奏曲“普罗米修士”。他在2001年就成为了斯克里亚宾国际音乐协会的会员。亚历山大 维尔申宁能极好地掌握各种风格的独奏即兴演奏的技巧和乐团的即兴演奏技艺。

亚历山大·维尔申宁的兴趣广泛,除了演奏,他还写作音乐,作为乐队演出者多次与乐队合作演出。从1998年起与大提琴家邓尼斯 夏波瓦洛夫合作演出二重奏获得姆斯蒂斯拉夫 罗斯托罗波维奇的高度评价以及世界音乐界的好评。他还录制了十多盘CD,并在俄罗斯电台,法国电台,新纽约公众电台,法国 «Mezzo» 和 «Cenqueime» 电视台,日本NHK电视台和俄罗斯 «文化» 电视台有大量的“活生生”的录音。

Alexander Vershinin is a Russian pianist, professor of Moscow Conservatory (Moscow State Conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky). Winner of I International Competition for Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz and recipient of special award for “Best Russian music interpretation”, award winner of XI Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition (Salt Lake City).

Graduated with honors from Moscow Conservatory and post-graduate studies following which he was appointed to a professorship. During the course of 20 years he holds two university chairs. Starting from 2009 he is also a professor in Sakuyo University in Japan.

Engaged in teaching he is doing many workshops in Russia and abroad along with performing activity – he takes part in many international festivals and tours the world playing in: Montpellier, Guebwiller, Reims (France), MIDEM festival in Cannes (France), Kitakyushu (Japan), Germany, US, South Korea etc.

The performer`s repertoire includes pieces of music of different genres: from classic music pieces to jazz adaptations and improvisations including works of Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Ravel, Debussy, Rachmaninov.

The pianist gives special consideration to Skryabin`s work: he performs practically all the latest pieces of music written by the composer – five latest sonatas and pianoforte part of symphonic poem “Prometheus: the poem of fire”. Starting from 2001 Vershinin is a member of Skryabin International Music Society.

The musician`s professional interests are very wide: apart from solo performances he often works with orchestras and bands, his duet with a cello player Denis Shapovalov (winner of the First Tchaikovsky International competition) was highly appraised by Mistislav Raspropovich.

Alexander Vershinin is the author and art director of many new ingenious projects: crossover World Fusion Project, “Classic & JAZZ”, classic series “Historic concerts”. We should put a special focus on his new work “The Fairytales Suite” that undoubtedly draws attention and gains recognition from the general public as well as from music society.
The musician has many live recordings made at the radio stations in Russia, Radio France, NY Public Radio, French TV channels Mezzo and La Cinquième and Japanese channel NHK. Many classic music and improvisation records have been released.

An outstanding CD “Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach” is due to be released soon. Alexander Vershinin is working on the record with one of the most prominent performers in Russian rock-music, guitarist Andrey Zvonkov (current member of B-2 band). This ambitious project will undoubtedly draw attention of classic music connoisseurs as well as rock music fans due to its fresh approach, detailed study of the original work, unusual format and many creative discoveries that the musicians are keeping secret as yet.


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