杨习礼 Raymond Young

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储望华 Chu Wanghua

杨习礼 Raymond Young



杨氏自小受到父母对艺术及音乐热爱的熏陶,首先学习小提琴,后于十一岁学习钢琴。少年时期亦醉心话剧、朗诵及合唱活动。杨习礼曾旅居维也纳十一年,于享负盛誉之奥地利国立维也纳音乐及表演艺术大学钻研多个学科,除了钢琴演奏及伴奏外,亦攻读音乐理论及歌剧指导。于大学毕业时,分别获取钢琴演奏及伴奏硕士学位、演奏家文凭及钢琴教学文凭。在求学期间屡获殊荣,是首位荣获奥地利政府颁发最高档别奖学金的香港钢琴家,亦连续多次夺得奥地利大学协会奖学金。凭着他的成就及多方推荐,杨氏获得奥地利政府颁授国籍。他曾获多位名家悉心指导,包含维也纳古典派演绎权威巴道拉·史歌达、克拉拉·舒曼(Clara Schumann)的再传弟子巴诺维兹、弗莱雪曼、卢兹及薛德雷等。此外,他是圣三一音乐学的院士和伦敦皇家音乐学院的副院士。

杨习礼是香港最多才多艺和最著名的钢琴家之一,除活跃于独奏和室乐演出外,又与歌唱家和器乐演奏家协作,参加电台节目的演出,主持大师班和讲座。杨氏亦是一位炙手可热的评委,为区内多个重要钢琴比赛担任评审,包含施坦威国际青少年钢琴比赛、亚洲青少年音乐比赛、杰出青少年音乐家大奖、香港钢琴公开比赛、香港校际音乐节及澳门青年音乐比赛等。他又获邀为全港学生公开音乐比赛担任首席评判及Yamaha音乐基金会的考官,他亦是钢琴四重奏组合Piano Extravaganza的创团成员。除了忙于演出外,杨氏于多间专上学院的音乐系任教,包含香港演艺学院、香港浸会大学、香港中文大学和香港大学等。

Hailed by the press as a pianist with ‘imagination and romantic poetry’, ‘exquisite tone, interpretative insight and deep communicative power’, Raymond Young was the First-prize Medallist in the two-piano section and the Silver Medallist in the Duet section at the International Piano Competition in Rome, Italy; and was honoured with a Promising Young Artist Award at the Braunschweig Classix Festival in Germany, and was invited to perform again. His numerous captivating concerts in Europe and Asia over the years have won him great critical acclaim. 
With considerable artistic and musical influence from his parents, Young started learning violin before switching to the piano at age eleven. In his youth, he also enjoyed drama, reciting poetry and choral singing. As the first pianist from Hong Kong to be awarded the highest scholarship by the Austrian Government, Young graduated with a Master of Arts degree in both performance and accompaniment, and a Diploma in piano pedagogy from the prestigious University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, a city where he lived for eleven years.  Besides piano studies, he also majored in music theory and opera coaching. On account of his achievements and numerous recommendations, he was also granted Austrian citizenship. He has benefited from such masters as Paul Badura-Skoda, an authority of the Classical Viennese style; Joseph Banowetz, a grand student of Clara Schumann; Walter Fleischmann; David Lutz and Norman Shetler. He is a Fellow of the Trinity College, and an Associate of the Royal College of Music, in London. 
As one of Hong Kong’s most versatile and renowned pianists, Young performs concerts extensively as a soloist and chamber music player, collaborates with singers and instrumentalists, appears in radio broadcasts, conducts masterclasses and lectures in Hong Kong and around the world. Being a sought-after adjudicator, he has been a judge at major competitions in the region, including The Steinway and Sons International Youth Piano Competition, Asian Youth Music Competition, Hong Kong Young Musician of the Year, Hong Kong Open Piano Competition, Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and the Macao Young Musicians Competition among others; and has been invited to serve as the Head Juror for The Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition. He is appointed as an examiner for the Yamaha Music Foundation, and is the founding member of the piano quartet Piano Extravaganza, consisting of four pianists. Apart from his busy schedule as a performer, he is also enthusiastic on education. Since his return, he is also highly in demand as a piano instructor, and has been on the piano faculty of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. His future engagements include solo recitals in the Mainland, Taiwan, Australia and North America.

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