Ralf Heiber

Seong-soon Hwang
Tran Thu Ha


由于父亲任职于外交部,常常赴多个国家工作,所以拉尔夫的童年是在多伦多、加拉加斯以及巴塞罗那度过的。 他的钢琴启蒙老师是法国钢琴家莫妮克•杜菲尔。从1983开始,他拜师与罗兰•凯勒,并且凭优异的成绩先后毕业于吕贝克音乐学院和维也纳戏剧艺术和音乐学院。早年接触到的各种语言和文化使他对艺术歌曲产生了兴趣。在艺术歌曲学习方面,他最初的导师是埃里克•韦巴、罗曼•奥尔特纳和诺尔曼•夏特勒。

另外,他也曾在沃尔特•贝瑞、伊迪丝•马西斯以及利奥波德•斯皮策的课上当助教。 拉尔夫不仅在钢琴独奏方面获奖无数,也荣获汉堡布拉姆斯大赛和维也纳舒伯特大赛等多个国际奖项。由于公众和媒体的高度认可,他经常被邀请去举办个人专场演出或者为著名歌手伴奏。 除了表演家的身份,拉尔夫还担任奥地利海登音乐学院钢琴系主任。此外,他也经常被邀请担任世界各地举办的比赛的评委以及大师课。名师出高徒。经他指导的学生也斩获2007年巴黎梅思安大赛一等奖以及多个国际大奖。

Ralf Heiber was born in Berlin. His father being in the diplomatic service, he grew up in Toronto, Caracas and Barcelona. He began studying the piano under the French pianistMonique Duphil. In 1983 he began his professional training with Roland Keller, firstat the Academy of Music in Lübeck, later at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna, where he graduated with honors.His contact with different languages and cultures forms the basis of his interest in art song. Erik Werba and Roman Ortner were his initial mentors, concluding with Norman Shetler, with whom he also frequently performed. Additionaly he assisted in the classes of Walter Berry, Edith Mathis and Leopold Spitzer. In addition to prizes in solo piano, he also won the accompanying prize at the International Brahms Competition in Hamburg and first prize at the International Schubert Competition in Vienna. Since then he regularly performs as soloist and as accompanist with renowned singers, and his recordings have been highly acclaimed by public and press. Besides concertizing, he heads the piano department at the Haydn Conservatory in Austria, and is in regular demand as a jury member at competitions and masterclasses worldwide. Prize winners (for instance first prize at the Messiaen Competition in Paris 2007) number amongst his students.(Visited 71 times, 1 visits today)

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