Ariele Zanini

Ramona Catinean
苏明村 SO Ming Chuen Allison

法国钢琴家, 毕业里昂国立音乐学院。

出生在法国的Arièle Zanini,在里昂国立音乐学院师从Suzy Bossard并完成钢琴伴奏和Lyric Coaching的学习,且在Piano中与音乐会钢琴家Jean Martin一同获得了第一名,在伴奏和音乐分析中也获得了第一名。

她曾在里昂为The National Opera,The Light Opera CompanyThe Conservatory of Music伴奏,与儿童合唱团“La Cigale”在欧洲、俄罗斯和日本巡回演出。

自从定居在香港之后,她在香港演艺学院歌剧及声乐系负责培训歌手,并在这段期间内,响应巴黎年度文化月“Le French May”,在导演Michel Gies的协助下指导演出了Offenbach的喜剧歌剧“La Vie Parisienne”。同年,Arièle Zanini策划了一场歌剧“Scenes of Passion”。现在,她在APA的声乐系中开展关于法国旋律的课程。

她为许多香港歌手的音乐伴奏,包括“Fiddler on the Roof”“La Cage aux Folles”,和“Oklahoma!”Arièle Zanini在广播及室内乐伴奏和法语剧目的指导中广受欢迎。



Arièle Zanini was Born in France and received her training at the Lyon Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique (National Conservatory of Music, Lyon), where she graduated in Piano Accompaniment and Lyric Coaching under the guidance of Suzy Bossard, and obtained a first prize in Piano with concert pianist Jean Martin, as well as first prizes in Accompaniment and Musical Analysis.

She then worked in Lyon as an accompanist for The National Opera, The Light Opera Company, and The Conservatory of Music, and toured Europe, Russia, and Japan, with the children’s choir “La Cigale”.

Since settling in Hong Kong , she is been in charge of coaching singers for the Opera & Vocal Department of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, where she coached 1996 production of Offenbach’s comic operetta “La vie Parisienne” under Director Michel Gies from Paris in connection with the annual cultural month “Le French May”. In the same year she also conducted the Academy’s opera program titled “Scenes of Passion”.She is now in charge of a lecture for a  French Melodies course in the Vocal Department of the APA.

She has served as accompanist for numerous musical productions with Hong Kong Singers, including “Fiddler on the Roof”, “La Cage aux Folles”, and “Oklahoma!”, and has become a much sought after accompanist for radio recordings, chamber music, and for coaching of French repertoire.

In 2003 she joined the Music and Drama institute as a specialist coach and accompanist for opera and art song repertoire.

Since 2005 ,she is the Principal Piano of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong and regularly plays for singer recitals in Asia .(Visited 93 times, 1 visits today)


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